What in the world would pos­sess a 42 year old (sor­ry Tony- we rat­ted you out) to play golf for 24 hours?  For starters, Tony is no stranger to adven­ture…  Hav­ing 20 years of mil­i­tary ser­vice includ­ing 3 over­seas deploy­ments under his belt, run­ning in more than 100 races (5K, 10K, triathlons, and adven­ture races), cur­rent­ly serv­ing as the Sher­iff of Black Hawk Coun­ty, and a his­to­ry in the Sheriff’s Office as the SWAT Team Leader have all been prepar­ing him for this chal­lenge.

We asked him if he was scared about being out on the back nine in the mid­dle of the night and what he would do if he got lost out there. “No wor­ries! As an Eagle Scout, it won’t take me long to build a fire on the 16th green to keep myself warm until sun­rise.”

Okay, we made that part up.

Seri­ous­ly, though, for Tony this is about so much more than a crazy stunt. “In my line of work, every day I see the need for the Boy Scouts of Amer­i­ca. It’s all about char­ac­ter devel­op­ment and prepar­ing kids for life. If we had more Scouts I would have less to do – and that would be a good thing!”


More About Tony:

Eagle Scout (Class of 1983)

Black Hawk Coun­ty Sher­iff since 2009

Unit­ed States Army Mil­i­tary Police

Past Pres­i­dent – Win­neba­go Coun­cil, BSA Board of Direc­tors

Black Hawk Coun­ty Sheriff’s SWAT Team Leader

Exec­u­tive Board for Black Hawk Eco­nom­ic Devel­op­ment

Advi­so­ry Board for Aspire Ther­a­peu­tic Rid­ing Pro­gram

Serves on the Governor’s Juve­nile Jus­tice Reform Imple­men­ta­tion Com­mit­tee

Serves on the Iowa State Sheriff’s and Deputies Association’s Leg­isla­tive Com­mit­tee