Amount Pledged Per Birdie…


Adam Brickley

Team Captain


Team Members & Playing Times

May 24, 2017
5:00 P.M.  Kent McCausland
 Pat Klein
 Andy Miehe
 Jordan Alborn
9:00 P.M.  Adam Brickley
 Nathan Link
 Justin Buck
 Taylor Franklin
11:30 P.M.  Brett Watkins
 Jacob Frederick
 Clay Patten
 Alex Hildaman
5:30 A.M.  Adam Brickley
 Chad Bauwens
 Taylor Franklin
9:30 A.M.  Matt Driscoll
 Jason Luders
 Chris Noland
 Jake Schaefer
1:00 P.M. to End  Brett Watkins
 Brad Boyle
 Jack Conway


About Team PDCM

PDCM has a long history of operating a professional organization and performing only to the highest ethical standards. Our dedication and commitment to serving the business community over the past 80 years has enabled us to become one of the most successful independent insurance agencies and consulting firms in Iowa. We have kept pace with the ever-changing insurance industry and continue to meet our clients’ challenges through innovative and cost-effective programs. As a continued leader in the area, Pedersen, Dowie, Clabby & McCausland (PDCM) is available to you for the management of your insurance needs.