Amount Pledged Per Birdie…


Don Patnode

Team Captain

Team Mebers & Playing Times

5:00 P.M. Chris Fereday
  Thomas Fereday
  Kent McCausland
  Jay McCausland
9:00 P.M. Thomas Fereday
  Camden Brendan
  Alec Mudd
  Donald Patnode
1:00 A.M. Jackson Mudd
  Max Schuchmann
  Drew Lindsay
  Aden Zwanziger
5:00 A.M. Johnny Meier
  Thomas Steele
  Nick Hagerty
  Leo Christenson
9:00 A.M. Dennis Curtis
  Patrick Klein
  Aden Zwanziger
  Donald Patnode
1:00 P.M. to End Aden Zwanziger
  Donald Patnode
  Patrick Klein
  Molly Fereday

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