Our Challenge

We challenged a team of Eagle Scouts to golf for 24 hours non-stop. We’ve also invited three local businesses to recruit teams to play for 24 hours. All five teams will be competing to see who can secure the most pledges and score the most birdies to ultimately raise the most money. Support your favorite team and follow along throughout the 24 hours to see which team has what it takes to rise to the top. Either way, the kids in the 17 counties we serve in northeast Iowa win!

Their Goal

Each team’s goal is to raise the most money by securing pledges for every birdie they score. They will play approximately six rounds of golf trying to score as many birdies as they can in that time. Support your favorite team by clicking the Pledge button at the top of the screen. Follow your team’s progress by liking us on Facebook and watching the birdie trackers on our website.

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